PGP sprinkler


Ref. M Emergency's height Box Units in box
50280 PGP-ADJ 10 cm A 6

Integral rubber cover. Adjustable arc from 40º to 360º or full circle with 8.8 to 15.2 m reach, and with coner nozzle between 7.9 and 12.8 m. 12 different nozzles available. Large area filter.
FITTING: 3/4” thread.

The PGP is a rotary sprinkler for residential and commercial zones which reliability, design, yield and durability have made a reference in the whole-world market, being at this moment the most sold in his category.

  • Arc adjustment wrench that permits a fine adjustment of the pulverization and ensures the position of the nozzle.

  • Protection rubber cover that ensures the sprinkler against dirt and the lost of the cover.

  • Easy adjustment on the topside of the sprinkler, up, down, wet or dry.

  • Water-lubricated gear drive.

  • Heavy Duty Spring that guarantees a positive retraction.

  • Variable stator that keeps rotation speed consistent regardless of nozzle size or pressure.

  • Large dirty water screen that puts an end to nozzle clogging.

  • Ratio: 8,5 to 15,2 m.

  • Pop-up: 10 cm.

  • Arc adjustment: 40º to 360º.

  • Standard nozzle trajectory: approximately 25º.

  • Recommended pressure range: 2,1 to 4,8 bar.

  • Connection: 3/4" bsp female inlet.

Position of installation in land

Rubber cover of the sprinkler




Up the turret to have access to the nozzle with the hand or insert the Hunter wrench in the hole, turning 90º and throwing upwards.

Relax the arc adjustment screw (distance in pic. 1). If the nozzle is already installed, you can remove it by throwing the nozzle by the "ears" with pliers or briefly turning on the water.

Slip the desired nozzle into the socket. Note that the socket is angled up 25º. The "ears" must be placed to make that the screw passes by the middle of them. Tight the attachment screw.  The arrow on the rubber cover of the head indicates the location of the nozzle and direction of the water flow.

To increase radius turn left the screw, to decrease it turn right.

If with the screw adjustment you cannot obtain the desired radius, you must use another nozzle: if you want a higher radius, install a bigger nozzle (you will increase too the precipitation rate); on the same way, for a lower radius, install a smaller nozzle, so the precipitation rate will be reduced.


The arc adjustable heads are preset approximately 180º from factory. Even the heads can be adjusted when they are working, we recommend that the first adjusts be made before installation.


Using your hand (pic. 2), rotate the nozzle turret to the left till his stop, completing in this way the head rotation.

Now turn right to the stop. THIS IS THE FIXED SIDE OF THE ARC.
Keep this position for any arc adjustment. The right stop does not change.

Insert the Hunter wrench by the key-end (or an Allen key of the same measure) into the arc adjustment socket (see pic.1/pic.3). While holding the nozzle turret at the right stop, turn right the wrench to increase the arc or turn left to decrease it. With every complete turn of the wrench, the arc will vary on 90º. When you reach the maximum or minimum arc of the nozzle, the wrench won't turn and you could hear an indicative sound.



If the right side of the irrigation sector were not well aligned, we would have a zone wet and another dry. The adjustment can be made of two ways:

Turnings left or right the body of the sprinkler and the down accessories. This operation could require remove the land around the sprinkler to move his body.

Unscrewing the topside counterclockwise and removing the inside part of the sprinkler. Turn right the head of the nozzle, check the inside of the sprinkler aligning the nozzle over the right side of the zone you wish to irrigate (pic.4) and screw again the inside part keeping the chosen position. The right side is already aligned.


You can request commercial or technical information about this product .


Related products

PS-ultra spray sprinkler

With regulating nozzle from 0 to 360 º. Flow proportional to arc pattern. High capacity filter included. Long life stainless steel spring.
FITTING: 1/2” H. female thread.

PRO-S spray sprinkler

Special joint designed to avoid any pressure loss, whatever the pressure is. Compatible with any female thread nozzle available in the market place.
FITTING: 1/2” H. female

Nozzle for SRS spray sprinklers

Regulating arc from 25º to 360º.
Compatible with any male threaded sprinklers main body (unless TORO).

PGJ sprinkler

Little turbine easy to regulate with rubber integral cover. Can be used over the same area as higher capacity turbine. Reach from 4 to 11,3 m. 8 different nozzles available
FITTING: 1/2” H. female thread. Yield table. (p. 70)

PGV electrovalve

Heavy-duty solenoid: 24VAC (ref.50361 9V), 475mA inrush current, 230mA holding current, 50 cycles.

Made in PVC and stainless steel for higher durability.

Manual starting if necessary.

Internal manual bleed. Easy to use and keeps valve box dry.

Flow control with non-rising handle (1.1/2" and 2"). Adjust the flow of each zone on a system.

Rigid diaphragm support. Works to prevent stress failure in tough conditions.

Captive bonnet bolts and solenoid plunger. No lost parts during servicing.

1.1/2": 19 cm H x 15 cm W x 11 cm D.
2": 20 cm H x 17 cm W x 13 cm D.

Flow: see table.

Pressure: 1,4 to 10,3 bar.


Hunter Solenoid for intensive use of great durability. 24 VCA, 475 mA inrush current, 230 mA holding current, 50 cycles.


3 stations
not required
6 stations
1  PCM-300
9 stations
2  PCM-300
12 stations
3  PCM-300
15 stations
1 PCM-300 + 1 PCM-900

PRO-C controller

The main advantage of the Pro-C is that his modular system allows us starting with a simple  3-station controller, with the possibility of increasing later with more stations, till a maximum  of 5, just adding modules, and the programming options and electric protection are higher than EC  controller. Available in outdoor with a strong plastic box with key.


Station number / Modules to be used

3 stations - Not required
6 stations - 1 module PCM-300
9 stations - 2 modulePCM-300
12 stations - 3 modulePCM-300
15 stations - 1 PCM-300 + 1 PCM-900

-Versatile modular design. Simplified inventory management; easily customize unit to desired 
number of stations.
- Large LCD display for simplified programming. Easy to read for schedule review and entry.
- Three programs (A ,B, C) with multiple start times. Independent programming handles many  different watering requirements.
- Choice of independent day scheduling options. Days of the week, odd/even or 31-day interval for  maximum flexibility.
- Global water budget/seasonal adjustment. Easily change run time of all zones from 10% to 150%.
- Non-volatile memory. Holds programs indefinitely; excellent insurance against unreliable power.
- Superior surge protection and self-diagnostic short circuit protection. Microcircuits are  protected from electrical spikes, no fuses to worry about.
- Remote control ready. Supplied with connection for SRR and ICR remote controls.

- Station output 24VAC .56 Amps.
- Transformer output 24VAC 1.0 Amps.
- Capable of operating equivalent of 3 solenoids simultaneously.
- NEMA rated outdoor cabinet.
- UL Listed. 
- 4 start times per program for repeat watering needs.
- Up to six hours run time on each station.
- Automated chronological ordering of start times/start time stacking.
- 365-day calendar with leap year intelligence.
- Programmable event day off allows specific day(s) to be designated as always "off".
- Rainfall Sensor bypass switch compatible with micro-switch based sensors, displays when sensor is 
- Programmable delay between stations of zero seconds to 4 hours for well recovery or 
slow-closing valves.
- Programmable rain delay for 1 to 7 days.
- Compatible with Hunter's SRR and ICR remote control system.
- Programmable pump/master valve circuit by station.
- Hunter Quick Check™ helps troubleshoot field-wiring problems.
- Test program feature allows for quick system checks.
- Central control compatible with Hunter IMMS™ system.
- Measures: (22.6 cm H x 25.1 cm W x 10.9 cm D).

XC controller

A masterpiece of modern technology that brings together the most desirable features, bundles them  in a small, attractive package, and makes everything simple and easy to use. Available in 4- and  6-station indoor and outdoor models, the EC offers all the features you would expect to find only  on more expensive units – on-screen water budgeting for seasonal adjustment, interval watering  options, station delay, one-touch manual start and advance and non-volatile memory (plus, it  boasts a sturdy protective cabinet that includes a lockable case).


- Intuitive dial programming, with selector and interactive icons.
- Seasonal adjustment (from 0% to 150%). Easy on-screen adjustment (in 10% increments) alters the 
amount of watering to accommodate weather changes.
- 3 programs with multiple start times. Accommodates repeat watering requirements, morning, 
afternoon and evening
- Large LCD display with interactive icons. At-a-glance viewing makes programming easy, 
regardless of language.
- Choice of independent day scheduling options. For maximum watering flexibility (select days of 
the week or interval up to 31 days).
- Rainfall sensor compatible. Incorporates hook-up capability to rain, moisture, and temperature 
or wind sensors.
- Non-volatile memory. Excellent insurance against unreliable power; retains current time, day 
and program data


- 3 programs: A, B, C 
- Start times: 4 per day, per program, for up to 12 daily starts.
- Station run time: 0 minutes to 4 hours in 1-minute increments.
- Day schedule: 7-day calendar or interval (1-31 day) watering.
- AM/PM or 24-hour clock option.
- Start time stacking.
- Simple, one-touch manual start and advance.
- Seasonal adjust: 10-150% in 10% increments.
- Transformer input: 110VAC, 60 Hz.
- Transformer output: 24VAC, 0.625A.
- Station output: 24VAC, 0.28A per station (max. 1 valve).
- Maximum total output: 24VAC, 0.56A includes master valve circuit.
- UL listed.
- Battery: Not required for program backup. 9-volt alkaline battery may be used to program 
controller in absence of AC power.
- Non-volatile memory for program data (no battery required to maintain program).
- Master valve output: 24VAC, 0.28A.
- Electronic short circuit protection.
- Surge protection: Primary MOV-type.
- Controller will track time for 4 weeks in the event of a power outage (even without a 9 volt 
- Rain sensor override by manual operation.
- Hunter Quick Check™ helps troubleshoot field-wiring problems.

XC controller (outdoor)

Electronic controller with 3 stations and 4 starts each. Irrigation time from 1 min to 4 hours (1 min steps). Non volatile memory. Lithium battery included. Allow delays between stations.

Consult indoor model