Manual sprinkler


Ref. Box Units in box
1303 D 6
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Back-pack atomisers with pressure tanks

WEIGHT: 6,20 kg.
ACCUMULATOR PUMP: tested at a pressure of  10 atm.
ACCUMULATOR: 0,5 liters capacity.


This atomizer has been produced with first quality materials making it resistant to all types of phytosanitary products.

  • Steel tube frame coated with enamel paint making it resistant to the blows and to the oxidation. With reversible metal operating lever. (for right and left handed operation).
  • Tank in polyethylene resistant to chemical products and will filler opening wide enough allowing and easy filling. Cover in threaded plastic allowing the air intake. Tank with indicator of contents and with a back separator that avoids the excess of sweat. 
  • Accumulator pump with resistant material to chemical products and able to support pressures exceeding 10 ATM. Strongly fixed to the steel tube by a metallic clamp.
  • Brass pump with metal piston with two rubber joints resistant to the friction and to the oil. With two stainless steel balls acting like valves and allowing to correct operation. 
  • Resistant straps with adjustable hooking for a proper adjustment to the body.
  • Exit faucet or valve with piston system and inlet filter  for a proper operation. 
  • Operating lever and connecting rod in metal resistant, both pieces designed for a minimum effort for the user. The operating lever is enameled painted and the connecting rod is protected of corrosion actions by means of electrolyc bath (cincated) 
  • The atomizer is provided with an extension of 0.65 mts long, and adjustable brass exit hole.