Spike for micro-tube


Ref. Box Units in box
1026 B 500

APPLICATION: with self-compensating drippers, enables the water to be raised to the desired level without having to lift the main tube. Very useful for hydroponics and greenhouses in general. 150 milimetres long.
ASSEMBLY: the micro-tube is inserted into the tapered end of the conduit. The spike locks into the position to which the water is required to rise, and the water circulates through the channels until the substrate is being watered.

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Overflow stick

CHARACTERISTICS: adjustable from 0 to 60
l/h, with aprox. 1 bar pressure.

Micro-tube connection

APPLICATION: can also be used as a microtube connection.
ASSEMBLY: punch the main PE tube (maximum thickness 3.8 millimetres) with the 3mm punch part number 1158/1170. Insert the water inlet through the side like an “arrow head”.

Threaded adaptor

USE: the new design and the material easier
the fitting and increase the leakage resistance.
Can be used as a micro-tube insert fitting.
ASSEMBLY: Fit the insert by its sharpest tip

T joint for micro-tube

ASSEMBLY: this type of accessory is inserted into the tube. The saw tooth pattern on the surface make it easy to slide the tube up to the central stop, and prevents it from coming away from its position.

Dripper spike

APPLICATION: use with PVC 4 x 6 millimetres micro-tubing/ EVA 4.5 x 6 millimetres. Max. recommended pressure: 2 bar.
ASSEMBLY: the spike is 154 millimetres long.