Plasgot is a consolidated company in the forming and plastic injection sector for over 40 years. 

Our company was founded in 1960 in the city of Alicante (Spain), to be dedicated to industrial forming. Some years later, we installed the first thermoplastic injection moulding machine to supplement this activity. In 1985, the company became a limited company and took the name Plasgot, and the founder’s children joined the company, producing the first catalogue of products specific to the marketing of localised irrigation systems

We can say that we are specialized in three areas:

Forming Area

DIt provides the machinery and qualified personnel needed to study, design and manufacture thermoplastic injection moulds.

Injection Area

It has machines between 40 and 240 tonns of sealing pressure, with the accessories needed to optimize production and to control the quality of the finished product.

Irrigation accessories sector

 It has its own range of productsdeveloped for the water conduction and particularly for the drip irrigation.

The fact of producing our own moulds and pieces, makes us able to have a continued stock offering, a continued supplying service as well as a very competitive price/quality relation.

We have a specialized selling department working exclusively for this irrigation sector.